Putting Lunnum to Rest (Undead Slayer)

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Putting Lunnum to Rest (Undead Slayer)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:52 am

~ Putting Lunnum to Rest ~

28 day timer
Rewards: XP, Undead Slayer
Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Epic
Weapons: Cold, Fire, Acid, and Undead Slayer
Restriction: 120+

This quest does have a bit of relation to the other Lunnum Quests and even has a reward based on whether or not you killed the suspected murderer in the quest “Thievery at the Pyre” and acts as a conclusion but can be done alone without doing the previous quests. To begin, seek out Fiun Layeel who will be at the drop at Fiun Outpost.; he will direct you to Nuhmudira’s Mansion at 4.0s 35.9e (Take the Devana settlement portal out of Lytelthorpe at 2.2n 50.3e). From inside the mansion head to the basement and use the portal to reach the Dungeon. Once inside, one of the corner alcoves will contain a Bookcase that is actually a portal device that will transport you into a series of chambers beneath her estate where crates guarded by Sclavi lie; defeat the guards and break open the crates until everyone picks up a Blue Face Paint Recipe.

Take the Recipe to Fiun Layeel to be flagged for the Temple Entrance portal at 84.3n 24.7e (A shortcut to there is to take the Dagger Vale settlement portal out of Arwic at 32.9n 59.6e). You will find multiple Sclavi in this dungeon as well as two patricians of the Falatacot seemingly under the service of Nuhmudira. From the drop stick to the left all the way down until you face Patrician Phaerix, kill him and loot his key to open the nearby wooden door housing a lever that will open up two metal doors; go into the Right side one and you’ll face Patrician Kilkitris who also holds a key to a wooden door in this chamber which houses yet another lever that will open up the metal doors once more; take the Right side one and take the immediate right down a ramp leading to a large open room with deep alcoves with chairs overlooking the large pit below similar to an observing deck for an OR. You can jump to these alcoves to prevent the numerous Sclavi from overwhelming your position. In the back of the room is Fiun Lunnum, the last surviving female fiun, killed as a punishment to her people, and now reanimated.

Lunnum, who wears the robe of her namesake, will cast various high damage spells and can dispel negative buffs on her as well as dispel the positive buffs on you with some nasty debuffs of her own. Use AR Fire or Acid to take her down and she will drop a key that opens a chest in a room to the back. Loot the Fiun Crown, Black Skull of Xikma, and Lunnum’s Token. The Token can be shown to Fiun Gaya at 89.1n 47.6w near Eastwatch where he’ll know Lunnum’s love for him never waned, however only Fiun Layeel will accept the token and reward you with experience, the Crown can be worn or turned in for more experience, and the skull can be used on any loot generated weapon or casting device to give the weapon the undead slaying property with the following exceptions of weapons or casting devices with:

White Rabbit Foot
Mukkir slayer
Fetish of the Dark Idols
Shadow slayer (Live event gem)

The skull can also be turned in for experience. Finally, if you did not kill the suspected killer in the “Thievery at the Pyre” quest (Whether or not you actually completed the quest does not matter) you will receive another experience reward.

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