In Defense of Glenden Wood (GW recall)

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In Defense of Glenden Wood (GW recall)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:55 pm

~ In Defense of Glenden Wood ~

Timer - 3 weeks (Only 1 Recall Orb per player ever)
Reward - XP, Glenden Wood Militia title, and Glenden Wood Recall Orb (Or Scroll)
NPC to start - Londigul Ellic the Armorer (29.9n 27.1e in Glenden Wood)
Weapons - Lightning and Slashing
Type - Task
Reqs- 40+

Seek out Londigul and he’ll assign you a task to kill the Viamontian Invaders converging on Glenden Wood. Head out on the North, West, or East roads and kill 20 Viamontians that spawn in groups along the road before the barricades where Blockade Guards are stationed (These do not count toward the 20 kill count). The following creatures count toward the kill task:

Famished Eater
Engorged Eater
Viamontian Mercenary
Viamontian Mage

After you kill 20 (Look for the “You have killed an Invader.” message to keep a tally), head back to Londigul for some XP and a Glenden Wood Militia Token that can be turned back in for that title. You will also receive another task to go out to each blockade along the three roads leading out of the town. You only need to kill one Blockade Guard at each road then return back for a Glenden Wood Recall Orb and some XP. If you do not want the orb, Tomo Genza nearby will take it and return to you the spell in scroll form for you to learn.

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