Society Infiltration (Society Aug Quest)

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Society Infiltration (Society Aug Quest)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:45 pm

Req: 180+. Must be a Master in a society
Timer: 27 days
Weapons needed: Human Slayer
Rewards: Blank Augmentation Gem
Type: Puzzle, Boss Fight

To begin this quest, speak with the Operations Aid, stationed in the Western Wing of your Society Stronghold near the Northeast corner. He will portal you into a hidden chamber where the Operations Specialist resides. Speak to him to begin the quest, you will be prompted to slect Yes or No with the knowledge that you have 40 minutes to complete the quest. You will be sent into a secret portion of an enemy stronghold.

Notes: If you do not finish in time, you’re portaled out. If you die or leave for whatever reason, you cannot return nor can anyone else attempt the quest until the full 40 minutes are up. The dungeon is no-log.

The quest has a few portions I will go over in detail.

Stage I: Destroy the Supplies

From the drop, ignore the spawns in the room north of you and take the West exit where you’ll be in a hallway that splits to the North and South and meets up again towards the West. You will need to kill all 6 soldiers in both the Northern and Southern rooms off the hallway. They’re two mages, two archers, and two melees in each room. After all 12 are dead, a door at the Western end of the hallway opens up leading to a long hallway with a locked door and a lone Master Soldier. Kill the soldier, loot his key, open the door, and use the Lantern to catch the sotrage crates on fire.

This opens up the previosuly closed door on the Eastern side of the room in front of the drop.

Stage II: Plunder the Armory

Head into the now-opened Eastern door in the room of soldiers you’re going to continue to ignore, and you’ll find the same set-up as you did in Stage I with the key difference being you only need to kill the Soldiers in either room. There are two in each room and one of each will drop a Main Key. You need two keys.

Once you have both, use one key on the Reinforced Door at the Eastern end of the hallway which grants you access to their armory: grab a Well Crafted Wand, Sword, and Bow off the ground. You will now head back into the room of still-ignored soldiers and use your second key on the Northern door.

Stage III: Free the Prisoners

This hallway splits to the East and West and opens up on either side to an inner room housing 6 more enemies. This time, you only need to kill one Soldier and loot a Prsion Key (both drop it). Once you have a key, head North to closed door with passages on the East and West. Take the Eastern passage and use your key to open up both doors and speak to each Prisoner one time to free them (if one double spawns, only talk to one of them, talking to both copies bugs you). Nce both are freed you can ehad back to the closed door and, now, head West to a small chamber housing a Smelting Pot.
Give the Semlting Pot all three weapons you pilfered to destroy them, this opens up the North Door.

Stage IV: Defeat the Commander

Hed up the spiral stair case beyond the door and take out the Commander. Behind him, to the North, are some Documents on a stand: use them to portal out once the Commander is defeated. Then speak to the Operations Specialist to earn your Blank Augmentation Gem.

Note: Writing this guide, I used an archer and took 21 minutes to complete this quest (was writing directions and notes while doing it). I have, however, completed it on a mage, archer, sword, two-hand, and no-melee mage. In that vein here are some tips to help you:

1 – The Enemies never debuff Item Magic, allowing you to bait shields or debuff the melee mods on weapons easily.
2 – Lenses, Phials, Royal Runed Weapons, and Rift Orbs help as their spellcraft can’t be debuffed.
3 – Weeping/Blighted Bows with Acid arrows are shield hollow and tear the Soldiers apart.
4 – Dispel the vulns frequently to prevent being 2-shotted by a crit.
5 – The quest is balanced so that mages, archers, and melees can complete it, not balanced so that they all take the same amount of time, but if you only kill what you need to, you should be done in around 25 minutes unless you’re template or playstyle doesn’t allow for certain tactics. Normally, mages will take 10-15 minutes, archers 15-20, melees 20-30.
6 – If you don’t feel like debuffing shields or vulning creatures on an archer or melee, use a Spectral Wand and use its innate Pierce Bolt spell to cut through spawn.

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