Tanada House of Pancakes (Food Slayer: Dagger ONLY) (Joke Quest)

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Tanada House of Pancakes (Food Slayer: Dagger ONLY) (Joke Quest)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Sat May 31, 2008 8:19 am

Tanada House of Pancakes

Timer: 24 Hours
Rewards: Butter Knife of Food Slaying, Throwing Pancakes, and XP
Weapons: Acid, Human Slayer Food Slayer
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Jokes
Restrictions: 1+

This is a Spring-content only quest every April. You must seek out Chow Doun in Shoushi at 33.3s 73.1e to hear of his plight about the dreaded Tanada House of Pancakes and receive a food slaying dagger. Head on into the nearby portal and you’ll face numerous food creatures and pink ninjas who drop Throwing Pancakes. Find Gladys the NPC Golem and speak with her to portal into the next section. Simply follow the pathways down to Pon Mi and speak with him and kill him, if you wish, to add another corpse to the many already there, or grab a confession from one of the bodies and return it to Chow Doun to earn some xp. Also, if you have a Violet Ball you can get an interaction by giving it to Chow, Pon, or a corpse of Pon for some more fun!

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