The Forgotten Tunnels of Nyr'leha (Society Shield)

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The Forgotten Tunnels of Nyr'leha (Society Shield)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:43 pm

Req: 180+. Must be a Lord in a society
Timer: 13 days
Weapons needed: Slash, Acid, and Fire. Undead Slayer
Rewards: 200 Million XP, 2-pull Mana Forge Key, and a Society Shield.
Type: Puzzle, Boss Fight

First head out to Moarsman City and meet up with the following NPC, depending on the Society you’re in:

Jin Kyong - 92.1s 50.3w inside the Celestial Hand Beach Fort
Chun Hei - 91.4s 53.8w inside the Eldrytch Web Beach Fort
Myung Hee - 93.6s 51.8w inside the Radiant Blood Beach Fort

Note: This is not required, there’s no initial flagging to be done.

Head to the Forgotten Tunnels, there are three mounds housing a portal that brings you to one of the three drops in the dungeon, for this guide you will take the one located at 92.9s 56.4w which brings you to the Eastern end. The following are directions in obtaining 6 keys: they each drop off of the Guardian in each room. Each room has a door for the key, you’ll need all four crystals and will need to pull both levers:

Starting from the Eastern End-room
Southwest Exit: Golem – Lever 1 (opens the door beyond a ramp on the west side)
South Exit: Moarsman – Purple Crystal 1
South Exit: Southern End-room
Northwest Exit: Sclavus – Orange Crystal 1
West Exit: Golem – Lever 2 (opens the door beyond a ramp on the east side)
North Exit: Western End-room
East Exit: Moarsman: Orange Crystal 2
East Exit: Sclavus: Purple Crystal 2
East Exit: Eastern End-room

Note: It’s advisable to obtain all 6 keys first then use them in each room, the doors the levers open only stay open for 5 minutes.

After you’ve obtained all four crystals and have opened both doors, head up a ramp in either Golem room and go past the door to a pit: Tap jump across into a central chamber. This chamber has a catwalk over swaths of Tendrils. The East and West exits lead into Golem rooms, the North exit leads to a pit to tap jump over and contains an Energy Field Generator that you will give your Orange Crystals to. The Southern end contains a similar jump and device that accepts your Purple Crystals.

You now have 5 minutes to grab an Energy Ring. It rests on a pedestal in the middle of the Tendrils (stairs in the Northeast Corner take you back up to the catwalk). After everyone has one, you will head back to any of end rooms (if the doors are closed, recall and run back quickly to the drop) where, after 5 minutes, the doors will open (once the ring is no longer obtainable, the doors at each end room open and remain open for 5 minutes).

Note: If the doors close before your group is ready, you can PKL the door and have your group (minus one) continue on, or have an alternate character come to the dungeon to be the one left behind.

Past the doors are hallways leading up to a room of Moarsmen and a lever. Pull the lever and continue upwards (the way is linear) until you reach a room with a ramp leading up into an inner chamber with a pit leading down a fair bit. Jump down and, at the bottom, is a passage out that leads to a golem named the Guardian of The Secret Keeper. Dispense of him and both doors open on either side of him leading to The Secret Keeper, an Undead Boss who vulns with Level 8 Fire and Pierce and uses high damage Fire rings and Level 8 Pierce spells. He drops a number of Glimmering Shards on his corpse.

Now, with Shard and Ring in hand, head to your society beach fort and give the items to the NPC to get your rewards. The Shield banes up to 550 al (highest AL on a baneable quest shield) with unparalleled values and has Epics for every melee weapon skill (sans Two-Handed Combat). You must be a Master to wield it, and you can turn it back in for a small amount of xp.

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