Quieting the Cloaked Wind (Candeth Keep Recall)

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Quieting the Cloaked Wind (Candeth Keep Recall)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:29 pm

Quieting the Cloaked Wind (aka Candeth Keep Recall)

Timer: 2 weeks
Rewards: 128 million experience points and the Scepter of the Portal Currents
Weapons: Fire and Virindi Slayer
Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Kill Task
Restrictions: 120+ to wield the scepter, none otherwise

The Virindi have long been in a quiet state after the fracture of their unity. Aerbax, the leader of the sect known as Chaos-virindi, has been creating Prodigal “children” to start a new order on this world as well as begin to convert the Loyalist and Chaos Virindi into abominations touched by shadow-magic whether they choose it or not.

High Queen Elysa Strathelar has set forth a campaign to help stem the tide of the more powerful Virindi by assigning royal guards in four cities. These guards will assign to you kill tasks that, upon completion, will allow you a way to recall to Candeth Keep, the stronghold of the Isparian, Aun Tonk, and Lugian alliance.

You must first seek out the following guards in the following locations to get the following assignments:

Ayan Baqur - 60.0s 88.0s - Guard Q'alia - 75 Virindi Quidioxes: Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll + 32 million experience points

Qalaba'r - 74.3s 10.1e - Guard Taziq - 75 Virindi Paradoxes: Ornate Brass Banding + 32 million experience points

Candeth Keep - 87.9s 67.4w - Guard Alfric - 75 Shadow-touched Virindi Quidioxes: Hardened Blue Crystal.+ 32 million experience points

Wai Jhou - 61.8S 51.3W - Guard Li - 75 Shadow-touched Virindi Paradoxes: Carved Wooden Shaft + 32 million experience points

Guard Q'alia tells you, "Queen Elysa set me here to watch for incursions by Aerbax's Virindi...yet she allows the other Virindi, like that thrice-accursed Claude and Leopold, to remain here."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "Allow me to confide a secret. My name is Q'alia bint Hakim. My father was the Archmage Hakim, one of the bravest and strongest of the land."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "That cowled beast killed him, and left the body out to rot all these years...and no one dared raise a finger! Even still they are allowed to hover smugly in their tents, and the only one who will even hear me out is Ulgrim!"
Guard Q'alia tells you, "What I would have of you? Claude and Leopold are too closely watched. However, their kin in the Valley of Death are not. Go there now, and slay 75 Virindi Quidioxes. That will grant a small amount of vengeance for my father."

Guard Taziq tells you, "Greetings, brave one. Fate has brought you this way, for Queen Elysa has need of those who would aid her and their homeland. The one known as Aerbax has many servants who trouble the land, and I would seek you aid against those known as Virindi Paradoxes."
Guard Taziq tells you, "If you slay 75 of these strange beings, come to me. You shall be rewarded."

Guard Alfric tells you, "Hail to ye! Would ye like to show the world that ye are a brave warrior? If so, then take yerself ta the Valley o' Death and slay yerself some o' them Shadow-touched Virindi Quidiox."
Guard Alfric tells you, "Poor blighters got themselves tainted by Aerbax, so it's up ta us ta put 'em down. Kill 75 and come back ta me."

Guard Li tells you, "Greetings, wanderer. I have been stationed in this ill-begotten place to seek those who would aid against one of Aerbax's more recent creations - the Shadow-touched Virindi Paradox. Who could know that the Virindi Paradox could corrupt itself even further..."
Guard Li tells you, "Slay 75 of these things and return to me, and I shall reward you."

Now it’s time to hunt them down. They are all found in the Valley of Death area though there are some choice dungeons for Quidioxes and Paradoxes (the cave used for the Royal Investigator title comes to mind for Quidioxes while the Monouga Log Dungeon or the lair of Dark Bobo and Mudmouth are great for Paradoxes). The ones touched by shadow-magic can only be found in the Valley of Death. In all cases, AR fire weapons or Singularity wands are the weapons of choice with the accompanying flame vulnerability and imperiling spells. You will gain roughly 370 million experience points just by killing all 300 Virindi (not including the experience points rewards from the kill tasks).

When done, return to the respective guards for your rewards.

Guard Q'alia tells you, "It is done! You recognize the danger of the Singularity, and that is wise. Take this scroll - if read over an inert scepter, it may give it power."

You've earned 32,000,000 experience.
Guard Q'alia gives you Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll.

Guard Taziq tells you, "As the hero Yaziq al-Tazar returned triumphant, so do you return to me now. I reward you with this brass banding, which may help in the creation of a new scepter, should you have other appropriate components. May your path continue to be so triumphant."

You've earned 32,000,000 experience.
Guard Taziq gives you Ornate Brass Banding.

Guard Alfric tells you, "Why, ye've done exactly the task I asked o' ye! Well done! Clasp this to ye - this gem may be put on the right kind o' scepter and, in doin' so, attune it ta Candeth Keep itself."

You've earned 32,000,000 experience.
Guard Alfric gives you Hardened Blue Crystal.

Guard Li tells you, "Your task was effectively done. Here is your reward. This shaft can serve as the heartwood of a new scepter, should you have other appropriate pieces."

You've earned 32,000,000 experience.
Guard Li gives you Carved Wooden Shaft.

Now with all 4 pieces in tow, combine them to create your new casting device!

You press the brass hard against the shaft, and they remain joined.
You join the crystal to the brass ring, and it holds together.
You murmur incomprehensible words of magic over the scepter, and it gains a blue glow and feels slightly warm to the touch.

This wand is fairly interesting with 3 majors and the signature spell Recall to the Keep which will bring you straight to Candeth Keep. Enjoy your victory against the Cloaked Wind!

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