Storming Gaerlan’s Citadel (Olthoi Slayer Weapons 80+)

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Storming Gaerlan’s Citadel (Olthoi Slayer Weapons 80+)

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Storming Gaerlan’s Citadel

Timer: 7 Days
Rewards: XP, Title, 2 MM notes, Elemental Master Robe, Martine’s Mask, Martine’s Robr, and a random reward including Olthoi Slayer Weapons
Weapons: Slash, Bludge, Cold, Elemental Slayer
Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Epic
Restrictions: 80+ and a ranged weapon with many arrows.

The Yalain known as Gaerlan, deceiver of Asheron, betrayer of the Seabourne Empire, and colluder with the corrupt Emperor Kellin II and priestess Nali Valind, now resides within a Phylactery of his own making while his body, in forced undead animation, exists to be punished for eternity for crimes against both the Isparians and the Empyrean by setting up the circumstances that led to the Olthoi invasion.

If you wish to strike against him once more, you will first need to reach the Lightning Guardian’s Lair at 86.7s 10.4e (An access route would be to run from the Artifice Cottages (86.7s 10.4e) portal from Arwic). Once inside move down the ramp to a four-way intersection, with one being a ramp down, take it to the final room where a Diamond Suzerain awaits. Dispatch the golem then go into the portal that will open at the top of the slope in the room and you will find yourself outside Gaerlan’s crashed citadel.

Jump down into the valley then speak to Asheron’s Platinum Golem at 57.8n 48.4e to receive an Imbued Pyreal Nugget that you must bring to another Golem at the end of the Frost Ziggurat at 57.1n 47.8e. Inside you will need to navigate the passages to the Platinum Golem at the end. From the drop simply stick to the Left wall until you reach an open chamber with a catwalk with two passages that lead to a small ramp and doors; both passages being on the West wall, here you will take the LEFT passage through the door and at the split take a Left and stick to the Right wall until you go up a ramp to the final level. Here you will stick to the Left to the Platinum Golem; give him the Imbued Pyreal Nugget and take the nearby portal into the first of four trials called Proving Grounds: Extreme.

~ Trial 1 - Riddles ~
Speak to the large statue of a head to receive a riddle, you will then need to select the correct statue, using the correct statue will teleport you to the next level and reward you with one Seal Fragment (Of four needed), pick wrong three times and you will be portaled out and will need to head back in.

Note: A bunker located in the Southwestern portion of Eastham house the Ziggurats, Proving Grounds, and the final areas of the library and boss locations are stationed here and can be used once you access them in the quest in case you die and need a speedy return back.

Below are the riddles and solutions:

Tribunal tells you, "At night they come without being called, but at dawn they are lost without being stolen. What are they?"
A: Stars

Tribunal tells you, "It begins eternity, ends time and space, it rests at the start of every end and the end of every place. What is it?"
A: E

Tribunal tells you, "Tribunal tells you, "I pass through the water and never get wet. What am I?"
A: Sunshine

Tribunal tells you, "Tribunal tells you, "I never grow, but can become very wide, and everything falls into darkness when I hide. What am I?"
A: Eyes

Q: Tribunal tells you, "What is it that has one voice but becomes four-footed, two-footed, and three-footed?"
A: Man

Q: Tribunal tells you, "I cannot exist when I'm full, and I grow when you empty my contents. What am I?"
A: Hole

Q: Tribunal tells you, "It never was, is always to be, none have seen it, but many dream of it, it is the hope of all that live that it shall always come. What is it?"
A: Tomorrow

Q: Tribunal tells you, "I am a room without walls, windows or doors. What am I?"
A: Mushroom

Q: Tribunal tells you, "The maker want it not, the buyer does not use it, and the user never sees it."
A: Coffin

Q: Tribunal tells you, "It waits for none and gauges all, it is eaten by leisure and work the same, it is abundant but there never seems to be enough. What is it?"
A: Time

Q: Tribunal tells you, "You will break me if you name me. What am I?"
A: Silence

Q: Tribunal tells you, "No sound, no voice, no breath, no sleep, no thought, no sight, no more. What is it?"
A: Death

Q: Tribunal tells you, "A poor man has too much of me, a wealthy man needs me not, and if you feast upon me you will die. What am I?"
A: Nothing

Q: Tribunal tells you, "I am void, and absence, I am not a color. What am I?"
A: Black

Q: Tribunal tells you, "I've legs, and a foot, and also a head. But I cannot think nor move on my own. What am I?"
A: Bed

Q: Tribunal tells you, "What has no beginning or end, yet binds two together?"
A: Ring

Q: Tribunal tells you, "I can be an old love, but mostly a lost passion. My life grows as you feed me, but when I drink water I die. What am I?"
A: Flame

~ Trial 2 - Rolling Balls of Death ~
This is everyone’s favourite section! The balls of death, if they touch you, will kill you instantly. The balls do not begin to spawn until about 5 seconds after someone enters the room, so use that to your advantage. The dungeon is one hallway with three intersecting passages, the cornered walls at each junction are safe for you to stay in order to avoid the balls that travel down the long hallway and the three passages.

You will need to head left down the hall way to a door that can only be destroyed by weapons (Not spells). Due to a ball of death that travels down the hallway to the door it is not wise for a melee character to strike the door. Instead, have archers pluck away at the door to destroy it, additionally you do not need a bow skill to hit the door so anyone with a bow and arrows can do this. Once the door is down head in and loot the next Seal Fragment from the chest and take the portal to the next trial.

~ Trial 3 -
You must traverse a multi-colour squared floor to the other side. If you hit the wrong square you will be portaled into a back hallway to try again. Below are the correct colored squares you must step on:

Orange (Second to the Left end, facing North)
4 spaces North (Third Blue Square)
4 spaces East (First Orange Square)
1 space North (Blue)
2 spaces East (Green)
2 spaces North (Blue)
1 space West (Green)
1 space North (Purple)
North to the end!

Now you will head into the next room and loot another Seal Fragment from a chest and head to the final trial.

~ Trial 4 - Ceremonial Halls ~
Just head on through to the end and loot the final Seal Fragment and hit the portal to return to the valley where Gaerlan’s citadel lies fallen.

Combine all four Seal Fragments to create an Ornate Seal to give Asheron’s Platinum Golem to receive a portal gem to get to the top of the citadel and the Imbued Ornate Seal to use on an Ornate Pillar on top of the citadel to portal into the citadel proper. You will find yourself in a room with numerous stairs leading to various places, many stairways lead to books of lore that explain about the Dericostian factions devoted to creating the Elementals as well as notes by Gaerlan himself, they will need to be translated by the scholar Bretself of Cragstone. The staircase leading to the chambers of Gaerlan can be reached by taking the central staircase up and then taking the Lightning Destruction portal.

Continue on through the dungeon to a catwalk with Gaerlan below, cast whatever preparation spells needed and then go down to fight him, a common route is having one person lure Gaerlan up into the catwalk and have 2 characters make a wall to defend the fighters. After you defeat him head into the portal that spawns in the large open chamber to reach his throne room which can be accessed by running through a serious of hallways over a catwalk leading to a fork, either route will bring you to a platform of elemental energy you will jump down from to reach the Phylactery Gaerlan’s life essence is imprisoned within. Using it will reward you in an Elemental Master’s Robe (Black for the killer, red for the rest), an Isparailaun (Sword Gaerlan wields, can only be hung on a wall or turned in to an Agent of Arcanum for Gaerlan Title token, XP, and two MM notes), and one reward that varies on how many skill credits you used for that reward’s skill, scaling down in cost(ie Specialized War Magic costs 28 credits total, so you’d get that reward before, say, trained Life Magic which costs 12 credits). The rewards are as follows:

Weapon Skills: Olthoi Slayer weapon
War/Life Magics: Olthoi Slayer wands with a trained requirement for its respective wand type
Melee Defense: Shield
Missile Defense: Covenant Breastplate
Magic Defense: Moderate Magic Defense Necklace
Arcane Lore: Moderate Arcane Lore Bracelet
Mana Conversion: Moderate Mana Conversion Ring
Leadership: +1 rank (buffed) crown (Can not be used to purchase Mansions, only for activating items)

Finally, there’s a portal that leads to a piece of the Citadel’s Apex where lies the Robe and Mask of the Byronic hero Martine who was last seen battling Gaerlan weakening him and toppling the Citadel for us.

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